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If you wear glasses one of the biggest challenges when driving is reflections. Most people who wear glasses find it challenging when driving at night or dusk because of the reflections on their glasses and glare from oncoming headlights. The issue is further compounded when the lenses are scratched, causing all manner of visual distortions with the potential of making it dangerous to drive with them on. The best way to address this issue is to use driving lenses; these being specially treated to be less reflective and offer clearer vision. However, the question many of you are probably asking is “does it works or is it just a gimmick”?

Defining Driving Lenses

Driving lenses are also referred to as night driving glasses because they make driving more comfortable when viability is low.
Night driving lenses are often accompanied with a slightly yellow / amber tint which is complimented by an anti-reflective coating. For driving lenses this specific combination is designed to cut out the extreme light wave created by modern car headlights.

The way driving glasses offer a clearer view at night is by reducing glare. Glare reduction is made possible by scattering light in a way which filters out the blue light. While blue light is part of the spectrum, it also has the shortest wavelength and the most energy. Blue light is what’s responsible for glare because of its shorter wavelength.

Night driving lenses or glasses have been around for a few decades. The brighter yellow tinted lenses have been used by hunters and marketed as shooting glasses. These glasses continue to be a favorite for hunters because it sharpens what they see, making it easier for them to see birds against a clear blue sky or cloudy conditions.

Unfortunately, not all driving lenses are made equal. Some driving glasses are inevitably better than others.

How Can Driving Lenses Make You a Safer Driver?

The best driving lenses use a combination of methods to improve vision during all driving conditions. One of the advantages of using a high-quality set of glasses, is that they put less strain on your eyes while optimizing your vision zone. This leads to improved driving safety. That’s why everybody who drives’ and wears glasses should consult with an optician or eye care professional to get their eyes examined. Then if required, they should get a pair of glasses with lenses that reduce glare, eliminate reflections and offer a wider viewing angle.

As a general rule of thumb, you should have your eyes tested once every 24 months. Even if you don’t think that your eyes have become weaker, getting them tested is important for both your vision and your eye health.

A good pair of driving lenses helps with the following:

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