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ELLE Frames

ELLE eyeglasses are extremely popular amongst trendsetters, innovators and social media influencers. The brand is known for designing and producing frames that set the standard for quality and innovative fashion. Every frame sold embodies the company’s passion for manufacturing frames that are clean, sophisticated and appear flawless.

Brand loyalists often refer to ELLE’s light-hearted, yet responsible approach to life, coupled with that eccentric French touch. It is as though every frame was designed for the Paris fashion week but was made practical and comfortable for everyday use.

Excellent Craftsmanship

ELLE is known for designing and manufacturing frames that showcase excellent craftsmanship. The brand has become the poster child for flawless manufacturing because every frame is meticulously checked before it is supplied and distributed. Each piece has to be perfect to meet the brand’s high standards. That’s why it is hard to spot a flaw in any of ELLE’s eyeglasses.

ELLE Eyeglasses Frame Styles

ELLE boasts of youthful sophistication with their collection of frames in both contemporary and traditional styles coupled with on-trend accents. Are you leaning in favour of a vintage look? Then the cool wayfarers, along with the soft cat-eye frames, will appeal to you. The rectangles and squares are best suited for those looking for a more contemporary look.

ELLE has a selection of semi-rimless and full-rim styles, in chunky, bold and thin frames. These frames are available in various colours from dazzling red, to turquoise and purple. People with more demure tastes will probably opt for subdued colours of which they will find many.

The brand’s two-toned colourations are amongst their best sellers. These often have the temple arms and front of the frames as two different colours, or they may have differing patterns. The frames are available in brown, black, and pink amongst others. Some of these frames come with sculpted temples, or ones with crystal accents, metal etc. which make them interesting and comfortable to wear.

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