How long does a contact lens prescription last?

Contact lens prescriptions are typically valid for up to two years, which means you can purchase the contact lenses specified in your prescription for that time period. However, this is dependent on the type of lens, the wearing schedule, the replacement schedule, and how frequently you wear your lenses.

You can buy contact lenses without a prescription at Top Specs because we don’t require proof of your prescription. We assume you have a valid copy and are aware of your visual requirements.

After your prescription has ended, users should have an eye exam because then your optician could even determine if ones vision or eye health has changed and provide you with an updated prescription. After your eye exam, you have the legal right to request a copy of your prescription in the United Kingdom.

How frequently should you have your contact lenses checked?

Contact lens prescriptions could be legitimate for up to two years; however, your optician would then usually advise you on when you should return for a check-up. It is recommended that you do have a yearly routine eye care check to ensure that you are not harming your eyes by wearing incorrect lenses.

If you notice any problems with your lenses between check-ups, you should see your optician right away.

Why are contact lens prescriptions brand-specific?

Because everyone’s eyes are different, contact lenses come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of eyes. During your contact lens fitting, an optometrist or ophthalmologist will measure your eye and prescribe a lens type and brand that meets your requirements and wearing needs. This is why contact lens prescriptions are brand-specific.

Can an optometrist fill a prescription that has expired?

There is a reason why contact lens prescriptions use an expiration. 

Nonetheless, laws in other countries differ. Top Specs sells contact lenses online without requiring a prescription. However, we always recommend that you order your lenses with a valid prescription. This ensures that you receive the appropriate level of correction and lenses for your specific needs.

Why is a contact lens prescription different from a glasses prescription?

Contact lens prescriptions differ from glasses prescriptions for a variety of reasons, one of which is how they are positioned. Contact lenses actually sit mostly on surface of the eye, whereas glasses sit few other millimetres aside, requiring the power value for each prescription to be calculated differently.

When you visit your optician for a lens fitting, your optician will need to take additional measurements. These measurements, which include a base curve, diameter, as well as the title and manufacturer of ones contact lenses, would then establish a complete fit. These measurements will not be found in a glasses prescription.

Aside from that, there are various types of lenses that an optician would then prescribe based on the specific needs. Daily disposables, quarterly disposables, lengthened, toric, multifocal, as well as coloured lenses are among them.

It’s also worth noting that while a glasses prescription may include a cylinder and axis value, you won’t find one on your contact lens prescription but if you have strabismus.

Presbyopia patients will also require addition as well as powerful measurements.

Is it necessary for me to purchase contact lenses from my optician?

As previously stated, you are not required to purchase contact lenses from your optician; however, those who wear contacts should have regular eye exams to evaluate their prescriptions. This should be part of your regular eye care routine to avoid having an eye problem.

How long can I wear a single set of contact lenses?

The amount of time you can wear one pair of contact lenses varies depending on ones wearing style and the advice provided by your optician. Individual factors such as your age, occupation, and overall health will usually be taken into account by your optician.

If you have been prescribed extended wear eye glasses, users can wear them day and night for a set period of time (usually one week to a month) without removing them.

Is it harmful to wear weaker contact lenses than you require?

Wearing contact lenses that are weaker than your prescription will not impair your vision, but it will cause eye strain and headaches.

It is commonly assumed that you must purchase contact lenses from of the optician that evaluated your eyes, but this is not the case. Contact lenses can be purchased from any optician or licenced online retailer.

When you shop at Top Specs, you can buy one’s contact lenses better value for money online and save up to 50% off high street optician prices.

How do I decipher my contact lens prescription?

There are more than enough aspects and figures on even a contact lens prescription to trigger some confusion, including a base curve, circumference and abilities, and also cylinder and axis for toric contact lenses. But don’t worry, we’ve created a helpful guide on how to read your contact lens prescription and determine which lenses you’ll need to purchase.

Alternatively, you can call us at 01296 484 222 and one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist you. Contact us today!