Meet The Team

About Top Specs

Our values. Our vision

Top Specs was founded over 12 years ago with the goal of providing people with quality spectacles at reasonable prices. While the company and service it provides have evolved to meet the growing needs of clients over the years, we still stay true to our goal of providing high-quality, affordable frames and lenses.

Every lens that’s manufactured is of the highest quality and adheres to the highest standards. We use the best quality glass and plastics to ensure that it meets your eyes’ unique needs. The final product is often better than any other, while costing less than you would pay elsewhere, for a similar product.

Why Choose Us?

Top Specs is an independent family-owned business with over 45 years of combined experience.

Many people choose us over the competition because we offer a friendly and helpful environment.

Our sales staff don’t use high-pressure sales tactics and upselling methods to sell. As a matter of fact, they (salespeople) have been trained to use their technical knowledge to help people make the right choice.

Come and visit Top-Specs, it’s easy thanks to the ample car parking and the fact that it is free. If it happens to be full it’s only a short walk from Morrison’s car park where you’ll be sure to find a spot

Strict Quality Control

Every pair of glasses we manufacture undergoes our rigorous quality checks.

Our team puts every pair of spectacles through the following checks before they are dispatched to you:

  • We check the size and colour of the frame
  • Condition of lenses and Coatings
  • Frame alignment
  • Condition of the lenses
  • Tint Depth and tint colour (when appropriate)
  • Overall UV Transmittance

A Large Selection of Frames and Lenses

One of our goals at Top Specs has always been to offer our customers as many choices as possible. To that end we are able to offer a multitude of frames and lens options from our selected suppliers.

Our clients can choose from a myriad of frame and lens styles, including:

We also sell frames and lenses by some of the leading brands in the industry. Brands of frames you’ll find at Top Specs include Flexon, Nike, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Wolf, Stepper, Hero, Zoffani, Puccini, Elle, and Ferucci, etc.

We sell lenses by leading brands like Varilux, Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Seiko, and Hoya, amongst others.

Our team has the technical knowledge and experience to help buyers choose the right brand and product.

Whether you need help choosing a frame style, a type of lenses, or a size that suits your face, we can help you. Our frame stylist and adviser is always on hand and ready to give you their professional opinion.

Reasonable Prices

We sell the highest quality spectacles at very reasonable prices. When we mention the word ‘quality,’ it means everything from our workmanship to the materials used is amongst the best.

As a matter of fact, ours is the best workmanship that money can buy.

However, in the rare instance that we get something wrong, we would fix it.

We take the quality of our products very seriously, which is why we thoroughly examine each product before it is collected by you.

And so, if we find any imperfections or issues, we ensure that they are not passed onto you.

We are Here to Help You

At Top Specs, we believe in providing a service that helps people get the best lenses and frames that money can buy.

Our entire business has been built on the ethos of helping people find the right product and having a great experience.

We guarantee quality and excellent workmanship, a promise which has stood the test of time with many of our clients continuing to rely on us for their optical needs.  

We Do Not Test Your Eyes

One of the questions we are occasionally asked is, why don’t we like other opticians, do sight tests?

While incorporating a sight test isn’t difficult, it is not our area of expertise and would add to the cost for everyone who needs quality glasses.

We did the math and found that not testing eyes means that everyone saves money and those savings are passed on to you, our clients.

The money we save is put towards supplying better products at great prices.

Most people who come to us have already had their eyes tested or know what their prescription is, and those who don’t can find out for a few pounds.

Once you know your prescription, give it to us, and we’ll be able to provide you with a higher quality product at a much lower price! That means you will end up saving in the long term.  

Need a new pair of frames? Bring us your sight test and we'll do the rest