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Occupational Lens

Occupational Lens

Occupational lenses are also called computer lenses and are designed to help reduce if not eliminate eye fatigue associated with working in front of a computer screen. While they can improve vision and reduce eye fatigue for people working on a computer, they can just as easily be helpful for people working in the kitchen or doing some other type of indoor work. That’s why they are also called indoor lenses by some brands.

The common misconception is that all computer and occupational lenses are the same. That statement or assumption can’t be further from the truth. In fact, think about how close a computer screen is to your eyes as compared to a stove, a teachers’ white board or the company director, at the other end of the board table. The fact that there are different viewing distances means that these lenses need to be made for your specific needs.

Occupational Lenses or Degressive Lenses

You might have encountered the term ‘degressive lenses’ but do you know what they are? Occupational lenses are often referred to as varifocal lenses but are in fact degressive lenses which are designed to work in a limited workspace. In other words, occupational lenses aren’t your regular progressive lens as some people may assume.

This category of lens (occupational lenses or degressive lenses) offers excellent, clear vision for anyone who uses a computer. However, they will not work well for someone who needs to see more than 4 meters away. Both lenses offer wider visual corridors for near and intermediate use when compared to regular varifocal lenses.

To achieve the best performance for computer use, the manufacturers have to strike a compromise in terms of design. The compromise here is that the distance field of the vision is restricted, which in turns maximizes the clarity and comfort of the lenses for near and intermediate vision. They ensure excellent clarity and reduced eye fatigue.

Do Occupational Lenses Work?

In the past two decades, there has been an increasing demand for people to work in smaller environments, and that’s what has led to these lenses becoming very popular. Almost anyone who has tried occupational lenses including ourselves, will attest to the fact that they work.

The overall experience will give you more comfortable near and intermediate vision when compared to a normal varifocal or single vision reading lens. In turn this will enable you to work for longer with less eye fatigue.

Varifocal Vs. Occupational Lenses

Also referred to as progressive power lenses or PPL, varifocal lenses are often recommended by optometrists and doctors for people who have two prescription needs. One may be for long-distance, for instance, and other may be for near vision.

Varifocals are designed so that a single lens caters for both prescriptions. A gradual change is built into lens starting from the top for distance vision to the bottom where the focal points allowing you to read or see close up. So, there is no need to have two sets of glasses.

Occupational lenses, on the other hand, are designed around your near and intermediate vision. These in turn can be modified to suite your specific requirements based on your needs or occupation. While the majority of people may prefer to wear their varifocal lenses day in and day out because they give them a comfortable viewing experience at all distances, they aren’t ideally suited for working long hours on a computer screen.

Optometrists often recommend that people who spend several hours working on a computer get a pair of occupational glasses. These help to reduce eye fatigue, and consequently, instances of headaches. However, they can’t be worn day in and day out for all types of work. That’s why having two separate pairs of glasses makes the most sense.

Not All Occupational Lenses are the Same

While almost every brand that sells occupational lens may claim to be the best, that’s not always the case. There are some that are better than others in our experience.

We wear and recommend only the highest quality occupational lenses. These are lenses that we use ourselves and we have firsthand experience of their benefits. That’s why you can be assured that our recommendation will provide you with the most comfortable viewing experience.

You can be confident when purchasing your occupational lenses from us:

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