Eye Health Recommendations for Home Workers

Eye Health Recommendations for Home Workers Many of our patients have continued to work from home following the relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown, and in nearly every case, working from home has resulted in an increase in time spent in front of a computer screen. Increased screen time can result in a variety of problems […]

How many eyeglasses should I have

Eye Glasses Many people now choose to wear high-quality spectacles and contact lenses rather than regular glasses. There are a lot of eye-glasses retailers that offer a wide variety of fashionable designer eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, there are some eyewear retailers that sell cheap knock-offs of popular eyeglass brands. If you are a frequent […]

Unbreakable High-Quality Spectacle frames

High-Quality Spectacle frames and lenses in Aylesbury There are some really great high-quality brands of spectacle frames and lenses available in Aylesbury, and there’s almost no end to the different styles and designs available. If you’re looking for a really good pair of glasses for yourself, or for someone else, then you might want to […]